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About us

It was in 1988 that New Wave decided to focus on Rowing Clothing, and move into manufacture, rather than just buying and selling. As we employ active rowers, we were already familiar with the problems of clothing available at the time (remember 100% cotton shorts and leggings!) – sometimes too warm, sometimes too cold, and often very wet as it absorbed the sweat and external moisture. None of the major sports clothing manufacturers seemed to be able to address the problems experienced by rowers, and would only do something if large orders were placed – which was not possible as the rowing market is relatively small. As a result of this New Wave set about developing a range of clothing specifically for rowers – not just something from cycling, for example, which had been adapted.

The New Wave range today includes the following – all developed especially for rowing:
Rowing Leggings and Shorts
Rowing All in Ones
Rowing Splash Tops in Tactel
Rowing Jacket in Gamex
Coolmax and Atmos shirts
2skin technical shirt
Rowing Shoes and Footplate system
Full range of ‘fashion’ clothing – t-shirts, Polo shirts, Soft shell jackets, fleeces etc etc.

The technical function of the Rowing specific clothing has always had a high priority at New Wave. The clothes must be good to wear, as well as looking good  – some of the aspects we take into account in choosing fabric and design are: breathability; wicking; windproof; waterproof or water resistant; quick-drying; long-lasting; colourfast; weight,  etc.

The designs of the clothing take into account potential ‘friction’ areas, so seams are kept to a minimum, and removed wherever possible – see our Leggings and Shorts for example, with some models having a ‘double-seat’ and no centre back seam.

Today, New Wave has a product which will keep you warmer, drier and more comfortable – try it for yourself and see!

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